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My name is Meeta

My name is Meeta and as a Pre and Post Natal & Womens fitness specialist,Behaviour Change Specialist,  L4 Personal Trainer and a Certififed Nutrition Coach, my passion is to help busy working mums learn to love themselves again!

I’m a busy working mum

and one thing I have learned since having my son is that you need to make yourself a priority – that does not mean you spend hours in the gym! I believe in taking small steps which will lead you to bigger and better results, afterall Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Up until I had my son I used to spend my life in the gym, doing various classes and working with my own personal trainer. Wind forward to when I had my son, I suffered postnatal depression and had an emergency C-Section. The fact that I could not make time for myself, let alone do a crunch, absolutely crushed me! I knew something had to change.

I provide 1:1 training either face to face

or virtually as well as group classes.

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